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The expansion of the charging infrastructure in Germany is progressing, but has one problem: of the 63,570 public charging points nationwide (as of July), only 9918 are fast chargers.

In my opinion, the large-scale installation of slow 11 kW charging stations is wrong. On the side of the road to be able to fill up overnight, they are ingenious. But in the supermarket parking lot? Electricity flows into the battery for around 50 kilometers per hour, and who spends 60 minutes shopping?

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Some have recognized that: I was recently at the hardware store, there were several fast chargers with up to 225 kW charging capacity. I sifted through nuts and bolts for 20 minutes and when I came back the car was full. At Hamburg Airport there is at least a 50 kW socket for people picking you up (free parking for up to 60 minutes), the latest Lidl chargers can fill the batteries with 60 kW, and Aldi even has up to 150 kW.

Michael Gebhardt

Micha Gebhardt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief AUTO BILD.

This is what a clever charging infrastructure looks like! This also makes sense for city dwellers without their own electric parking space. After all, charging the car once a week is sufficient for most drivers given the average mileage. If that can be done while shopping, that’s a huge win for e-mobility.

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