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The tank discount ends today, and purely arithmetically, the prices should rise by 17 cents for diesel and 35 cents for super – the energy tax now applies in full again. Probably fast. And when the energy bills start rolling in for me and all of you, everything you might think you saved will be forgotten. I think those who could drive less did it, millions of others paid (my record: 2.25 euros/l diesel) and are now grudgingly paying more. Perhaps also a reason why more and more Germans are interested in alternative drives. With this you are currently – purchase price aside – cheaper on the road.

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My brother-in-law (75), who has been a Skoda driver for 20 years, bought an Enyaq. Convinced on the test drive, which was its e-first. Many are like him. We just have to be careful not to condemn either one or the other. The cleanest combustion engines that have ever existed are yet to come. We will test them. And accompany the change.

Tom Drechsler

How To Cars Editor-in-Chief Tom Drechsler.

Best of all: we are already fit for the future – starting today, AUTO BILD will be printed climate-neutrally with TÜV certification.

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The new AUTO BILD 35/2022: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Skoda Vision 7S: How the Czechs drive into the future • Bentley Bentayga EWB and BMW X7 facelift: Stretched and freshly made • First drive in the Hummer EV • How BYD wants to get started with us VW Golf R “20 Years”, Evetta Cabrio, Renault Hippie Caviar Motel, Koenigsegg CC850, McLaren Solus GT MESSAGES How autonomous cars communicate • Mercedes makes door handles from old tires • Ford guarantees PHEV subsidy TESTING & TECHNOLOGY Kia Sportage and Toyota RAV4: which full hybrid saves better? • Everyday relationship: Polaris Ranger • Comparison test: Skoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV against Hyundai Ioniq 5 • Fresh Citroën C5 Aircross in the test • New from the endurance test • Used car: Opel Combo REPORTS Attention, trap: If the insurance company does not want to pay after a rear-end collision • Thomas Pade: He has converted his Renault R4 into an electric car SERVICE Six wet-dry vacuum cleaners tested • Traffic tickets from abroad: what to do? HEADINGS Motor sports: Formula 1 with Audi and Porsche • Action: Company car choice extra tour: VW ID.4 off-road.

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