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Do you already drive a car that keeps playing the song you just heard with the last sip of coffee in the kitchen? Can your car recognize you and suggest your usual routes? Does it use the camera and sensors to ensure that you are paying attention and are not fumbling with your cell phone? And finally: Does it sometimes drive you through the traffic jam on its own?

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Okay, I’ll stop asking questions. Because most of us haven’t experienced it yet. But it’s coming. Our cars are becoming smartphones. I was just at the COMPUTER BILD award, believe me, the worlds of tech and mobility are merging.

Tom Drechsler

How To Cars Editor-in-Chief Tom Drechsler.

In any case: We are all a bit of a test driver right now. And to put it bluntly: testers for many operating concepts that are not suitable for everyday use. Volume sliders, for example, won’t make it into the future, nor will the small touchpads in the Mercedes steering wheel. But the fine aluminum knobs on the steering wheel of others do. voice control? A must, the systems keep getting better, but many of us have had such bad experiences with them that we’ve never tried it again. Autonomous driving in traffic jams? That too is coming and will make our lives easier. I look forward to the change.

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The new AUTO BILD 36/2022: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Finally: We drive the production version of the VW ID.Buzz electric Bulli • More space, more technology: First drive with the new Mercedes GLC • Toyota Yaris Cross GR Sport, Ariel Hipercar, Zeekr 009, Dongfeng Mengshi, Tesla Model Y with rear-wheel drive MESSAGES Interview: Skoda boss Klaus Zellmer • VW’s entry ID will be yours TESTING & TECHNOLOGY Comparison test: Volvo XC40 against Mercedes GLA and BMW X2 • Kia Niro: The plug-in is so frugal • Everyday relationship: Opel Combo-e • Saving without a plug: Ford Puma and Nissan Juke as hybrids • Motorcycles for motorists • Used cars: Hyundai i30 N REPORTS Rolf Zuckowski: The singing traffic explainer • Made in Thuringia: CATL from China builds batteries in the middle of Germany SERVICE Seven child seats in the test • Guarantee: what each manufacturer offers HEADINGS Motorsport: Sebastian Vettel • Extra tour: 40 years of Opel Corsa.

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