The new AUTO BILD 46/2021

We announced it on the stage of the Golden Steering Wheel in Berlin: AUTO BILD will be climate-neutral from 2022. If you now shake your head and say: What’s the point now? Objection, stop! Our logo does not turn green, AUTO BILD does NOT have a ban on burners, we are against a speed limit, we stay as crazy as you know us. We love cars, we want to keep owning and driving cars. And she too.

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But: We are also accompanying the transformation of the entire industry and are aware of our responsibility. As the streetscape changes, AUTO BILD changes too. Sometimes even faster, because we also show what comes tomorrow. The fact that traffic becomes emission-free is no longer a matter of discussion. The “Drops is sucked”, as they say in Berlin’s government district.
Tom turner

AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler

By no means all drivers can and want to change. We at AUTO BILD can already do something. We will make every paper that we print, every test kilometer we drive, every trip, every post, CO2-neutral. Year after year we will reduce our carbon footprint and offset other things with certified climate protection projects. This is how we stay mobile for you.

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The new AUTO BILD 46/2021: Here are all the topics

NEW HITS Better materials, more assistants: VW is upgrading the T-Roc with the facelift Hyundai Seven Concept: Outlook on the large electric SUV Subaru Solterra, Ferrari BR20, Kia EV9, Farizon Homtruck Porsche Cayman GT4 RS NEWS VW plans Gigafactory Global alliance for combustion engines Volocopter flight in Seoul TEST & TECHNOLOGY First ride in the Mercedes EQB Opel Rocks-e: This is how the city dwarf drives for everyone aged 15 and over Which drive is best? We do the test! Dacia Duster: Facelift in the first test Comparison test: BMW M240i Coupé against Porsche 718 Cayman First test: Kia EV6 News from the endurance test Used: Ford Edge REPORTS Markus Wahl: Why the chip crisis is also bothering the Pössl boss The Golden Steering Wheel 2021: That was the winning gala in Berlin SERVICE Christmas is just around the corner: gift ideas for car fans Screwdriver in the test Driver’s license exchange: by when you have to renew your rag HEADINGS Eye-catcher: 50 years of the TÜV report Action: Gazoo Racing Motorsport: ADAC GT Masters VIP LOUNGE: Nürburgring Driving Academy Extra tour: Conservatoire Citroën.

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