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Think for yourself: What would you do if you had a certain number of semiconductors and were faced with the choice of building 100 compact cars or 30 luxury cars? And you know: I make more money with the luxury cars? Exactly …

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According to a study by Ernst & Young (EY), the 16 largest car companies in the world generated more profits in the past quarter than ever before: Their sales figures collapsed by 16 percent – but their operating profit rose by eleven percent to 23.1 billion dollars and thus to a new record high. Two reasons: The chips that were still around were built into expensive, profitable models. And: There are hardly any discounts anymore because the demand is so great. Not really good news for us customers.
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AUTO BILD editor-in-chief Tom Drechsler.

But this is true: According to the Federal Statistical Office, the car remains number one among Germans. Commuters also most often use their own car for short commutes. For distances between five and ten kilometers, 69 percent of commuters traveled by car, only eleven percent by bike. 18 percent travel by bus, train or tram. Is it just convenience? Alternatives must also be achievable. And often they are not!

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NEW HITS Opel Insignia: The new one is coming in 2024 • BMW i7, Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, Polestar 3, Genesis G90, WayRay hologractor NEWS Charging network ranking 2021 • Daimler cooperates on solid-state battery development • eFuels in aircraft TEST & TECHNOLOGY First ride: is the new Kia Sportage on the road to success? • Maserati Grecale: First round with the entry-level SUV • Electric comparison test: Dacia Spring against Renault Twingo and Fiat 500 • Endurance test: Hyundai Santa Fe • Business plug-ins: Mercedes C 300 e and BMW 330e • Two station wagons with plugs: Skoda Octavia and Superb in a short test • Everyday test: Mini Cooper SE • Used: Infiniti QX70 REPORTS Jan Kaupa: Why a Mercedes designer is designing a mobile chicken coop • Seat Mó: Are e-scooters an alternative to cars for commuters? SERVICE Paying by app at the gas station: How it works, what it brings HEADINGS Motorsport: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup • Motorsport: Goldener Rennschuh 2021 • Promotion: like2drive • Promotion: Hotwheels-Finale • Extra tour: Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

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