The new AUTO BILD – now with a car wash voucher!

One in five Germans only washes their car once or twice a year – also a form of care emergency. The car needs a little more attention, especially in winter, when salt, snow and mud demand the technology and paintwork. The offer from JET and AUTO BILD is exactly what you need: We’ll give you a complete car care package! Just like that, without a hook, all you have to do is cut out the voucher on the right and redeem it at one of the participating JET petrol stations. Complete care is worth up to 14 euros and consists of three phases:

1. The active foam pre-wash: It should remove stubborn dirt such as insects, bird droppings or tree resins.
2. The underbody wash: According to JET, removes the aggressive, salty dirt from winter roads.
3. The paint seal: It should protect the paint from environmental influences such as UV rays, bird droppings and salt.

Free laundry: Lathering and drying are part of the laundry.

How necessary such a wash is can be seen in winter after just a few kilometers on the motorway. Then a gray veil covers the windows and headlights. Consequence: You are no longer seen so well, and your own vision is also impaired.

Tips on care from the AUTO BILD editorial team

Regardless of the washing program, you can do a lot yourself: When refueling, not only clean the windows with a sponge or squeegee, but also headlights, taillights, license plates and mirrors! And always ensure that there is sufficient winter windscreen cleaner in the washer fluid. The mixing ratio should be chosen so that it is suitable up to temperatures of –20 degrees. Important after the Laundry: remove dirty nests in the car. To do this, open the bonnet. Leaves and other dirt collect in the area of ​​the hinges and in front of the windshield, which can clog water drains and keep the interior damp. Tip: also check tire pressure and engine oil level when visiting a petrol station. The necessary oil quality and information on tire pressure are in the log book.
Tip: at the gas stationnvisit also check tire pressure and engine oil level. The necessary oil quality and information on tire pressure are in the log book.

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Car wash in winter: this is what your car needs now

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So you can secure the free laundry

Dear readers, buying a AUTO BILD (in stores since November 4th) is worth twice as much this time. If you cut out the original voucher in issue 44/2021 and hand it in at one of the participating JET petrol stations, you will receive free complete care including paint sealing and pre-wash with active foam and underbody washing worth up to 14 euros. The voucher is valid until the end of November 2021. A cash payment is not possible.

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