The new Citroën C4 X comes in Germany purely electrically

When the wheel of fortune rotates again on TV in this country, the French also want to play along. At least when the arrow points to the field with the car sales. The Parisian designers have therefore taken care of a completely new bodywork for the big show. The C4 X is supposed to be a sedan, but with plastic skins, more practicality and a fancier rear.


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A sloping SUV, but with a height of 1.53 meters only as high as the normal C4 – and above all without the image of the thirsty off-road vehicle. He should radiate elegance, and for this he is almost 20 centimeters longer than his X-less brother. In marketing German, this is then called crossover, which means that the X fits the name quite well.

Drive: In Germany, the C4 X only comes as a purely electric model

The fact that Citroën is breaking new ground with this could perhaps be seen as a revolution, but the real news is not necessarily the car, but the drive. Because the French have decided to only sell the C4 X in Germany as the ë-C4 X, i.e. exclusively as a fully electric version.
Citroën e-C4 X

In Germany, the C4 X will only be available as an electric variant. In France also as a diesel and petrol engine.

And that despite the fact that it will also be available in its home country of France with two petrol engines and one diesel. One could describe this step as courageous, but actually it is only consistent. Because with the normal C4, the proportion of the electric version is almost 60 percent – and the trend is rising!

Range: The SUV manages up to 360 kilometers

The powertrain is an old acquaintance. Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa-e and Mokka-e already use it. The 136 hp are virtually specified, and we also know the battery size of 50 kWh from the kit.
Citroën e-C4 X

The SUV shares the drive train with the Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa-e and Mokka-e.

The range, on the other hand, is slightly better due to the aerodynamics: Citroën states 360 kilometers according to the WLTP. He can only drive 150 km/h on the freeway because the electronics slow him down.

Infotainment: The C4 has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If the battery is empty, it can be recharged with up to 100 kW, after half an hour it is 80 percent full. On an 11 kW wall box, it should take five hours before the battery is fully charged again. If you want to pass the time with your smartphone, you can now use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly in the ë-C4 X.

Citroën e-C4 X

The crossover is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new infotainment system also masters over-the-air updates and comes standard with a ten-inch display in the middle. The new voice control now listens to the words “Hello Citroën”.

Market launch: The Citroën will come to Germany by 2023 at the latest

And if you want to say to the dealer “I’m going to buy an ë-C4 X”, Citroën will soon hear you. The four-door coupe-sedan SUV crossover is expected to hit the market by January 2023 at the latest. And when the wheel of fortune turns again, Fortuna could well be in favor of the French.

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