The new EcoFlow Power Kits provide power to go

Speaking of batteries: With the right equipment, a visit to Mother Nature is even more fun! The EcoFlow Power Kits, for example, are a simple, smart and compact solution for not running out of juice at the beach or when camping.

Personalized energy solutions

“The EcoFlow Power Kits have been developed to make individual power solutions easier than ever,” enthuses Thomas Chan (R&D Director at EcoFlow) at the launch of the new devices on July 5, 2022 The needs of the users can be tailored – regardless of whether they are traveling in a mobile home, converting their workshop, sleeping in a tent or needing electricity in their holiday home.”

Modularly expandable and solar chargeable

The EcoFlow Power Kits are delivered with two basic modules. The heart is the EcoFlow Power Hub, which bundles all inputs and outputs. There are also the 2K/5 kWh LFP batteries from EcoFlow, which do not require cobalt or nickel. If you combine your EcoFlow Power Kit with solar modules, you can conveniently charge the LFP battery with the power of the sun.

EcoFlow solar modules can also be used outdoors when you are out and about

All EcoFlow solar modules can be used for charging

All solar panels, such as the 100W flexible solar panel or the 400W rigid solar panel, will do this job. In this way, a maximum solar output of 4800 W can be achieved. A 2kWh LFP battery is fully charged in just one hour. An off-grid life can be so sustainable, and every road trip can be started with a clear conscience.

Easy setup

EcoFlow Power Kits have simple plug-in connections and are easy to install

Without tangled cables and space-saving – the installation of the EcoFlow Power Kits is easy

There is no unnecessary tangle of cables with the EcoFlow. Traditional modular power systems take 10 to 15 hours to install, even for experienced users. Without solar modules, the EcoFlow Power Kits contain up to four modules and the necessary cables. This eliminates incorrect wiring and completes installation three times faster than the industry average.

Fast and multiple loading

The EcoFlow Power Kits can be charged using six different power sources. Solar collectors are particularly sustainable and flexible. If the sun doesn’t shine, the power packs can also be powered by the EcoFlow Smart Generator, alternators, the grid and conventional generators, which are usually powered by fossil fuels. So nobody needs to be afraid of a low battery level, regardless of whether they are driving in the mobile home or in the great outdoors.

There are many ways to charge the EcoFlow Power Kits
The EcoFlow Power Kits can be fed from different sources

Advanced 48V system

The unique 48 V system offers several advantages compared to conventional 12 V systems: Only a quarter of the electrical current flows with the same output power. This allows thinner cables to be used, which is convenient and space-saving. The EcoFlow Power Hub achieves a maximum power output of 3600W thanks to the 48V system and can easily power high-performance devices such as air conditioners, water heaters and hair dryers. Incidentally, the EcoFlow Power Hub can easily replace 12V systems as it comes with a step-down DC-DC module for those who already have a power system installed in the motorhome.

Integrated and compact

In the mobile home, the EcoFlow Power Kit is hardly noticeable

Power to Go can be that compact

Save space? No problem! Up to three LFP batteries can be stacked and the system can be expanded or reduced at any time. The EcoFlow Power Hub is the industry’s first five-in-one centralized power system that combines two MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar chargers, one DC-DC charger with MPPT, one inverter and one charger, and two DC-DC converters are integrated.

How much power can it be?

If you are unsure about your power requirements, you can use the EcoFlow performance calculator to get an overview of your needs. The EcoFlow Power Kits are available in three different packages. The Get Set Kit covers the basic power needs with the EcoFlow Power Hub and the LFP batteries. The Prepared Kit also includes the AD/DC Smart Distribution Panel, which can be used to control the energy requirement at circuit level. The Independence Kit with the additional Power Kit console and the EcoFlow Smart Generator covers the greatest power requirements. The three packages are each available with 2kWh, 4kWh, 5kWh, 10kWh and 15kWh.

The EcoFlow product range at a glance

A total of 15 variants of the EcoFlow Power Kits are available

Power to Go with EcoFlow – this is how sustainable and flexible power supply works today!

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