the new electric sedan expected in 2022

According to South Korean media, Hyundai is expected to launch the second model of the new Ioniq family as early as 2022.

At Hyundai, the electric offensive continues. As it prepares to launch the Ioniq 5 SUV, the Korean brand should quickly launch a second electric car. According to Korean Car Blog, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 should hit the market in 2022. Inspired by the Hyundai Prophecy concept, this family sedan will be based on the e-GMP platform. It will probably replace the current electric Ioniq.

If the design obviously remains to be refined compared to the concept presented in March 2020, this Ioniq 6 will sport a style very different from that of the Ioniq 5 with more fluid lines and optimized aerodynamics.

The characteristics of the model are not yet known. Without specifying whether it is WLTP or NEDC, the South Korean media evoke a range of between 650 and 700 kilometers. Like the Ioniq 5, the Ioniq 6 should be based on an 800 volt system.

With its much smoother curves, the Ioniq 6 displays a very different style from that of the Ioniq 5.

Ioniq 7: a large 7-seater SUV for 2024

After a break in 2023, Hyundai will resume its offensive in 2024 with the release of the Ioniq 7.

Still based on the e-GMP platform, this large SUV will offer a capacity of 7 seats. In terms of size, it should be positioned between the Model Y and the Model X. To be continued!

For now, the Ioniq 7 comes down to a simple preview


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