The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna style doors!

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

With countless off-road assistants and a special all-wheel drive, the new Ford Bronco takes on the off-road crown against Wrangler and the like!

Of the Ford Bronco is here! After a never ending flood of leaks, the off-road world is finally richer by a legendary name. With the new Ford Bronco, a true classic returns to its fans. Together with the Bronco Sport, which is also new, it is said to create a family of capable off-road vehicles. And capable is to be taken seriously here: With the Bronco, Ford wants nothing less than to build the most talented series off-roader in its segment.

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Chassis / all-wheel drive: almost 30 centimeters of ground clearance

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

With up to seven different driving modes, the Bronco should find propulsion on almost any surface.

The ingredients sound promising in any case. Ford’s new terrain management system is called “G.O.A.T.” (in English “goat”) with up to seven off-road driving modes. An additional package with off-road cruise control and off-road assistants is available as an option, which allows, for example, closer cornering. There are two all-wheel drive systems available for the Bronco. The basic version comes with an electronically operated two-speed transfer case. An all-wheel drive system with an electromechanical transfer case is optional, which can optionally only drive the rear axle. Two differential locks distribute the power between the front and rear wheels. The latter sit on a rigid axle with coil springs. If you want, you can trim your Bronco even further with adjustable Bilstein dampers, an active stabilizer and 35-inch tires. Ford specifies up to 29.5 centimeters of ground clearance, up to 85 centimeters of wattage and 29 degrees of tilt and 37.2 degrees of bank angle.

Engine: Up to 314 hp are possible at the market launch

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

The manual transmission with seven forward gears including a creeper is only available for the basic engine.

Two petrol engines drive the Bronco. The 2.3-liter four-cylinder develops 274 hp and 420 Nm. With him, a seven-speed manual transmission including a creeper is standard. A 2.7-liter V6 with 314 hp and 542 Nm ranks above it, which is only available with a ten-speed automatic transmission. Maybe a five-liter V8 comes from the Mustang as a top engine at a later date. If you are really serious about challenging off-road driving, you should go for the smaller motor with manual transmission. Because only in conjunction with the advanced all-wheel drive can they achieve the extremely low gear ratio of 94.75: 1.

Optics: For the first time there is a four-door Bronco

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

In addition to the roof and side panels, the doors can also be removed for even more fresh air.

The look is really good. An angular body is stretched over the steel chassis. It is reminiscent of the predecessors from the 90s without looking too retro and is peppered with modern details such as LED headlights. The short overhangs allow steep embankment angles, the large, flared wheel arches make room for the optional 35-inch tires and long suspension travel. There are two steel hooks at the front and rear as fastening points. As an option, the bumpers are also made of steel so that accessories such as a cable winch can be fitted. Depending on the equipment, the Bronco has protective plates for the engine, gearbox, transfer case and fuel tank. So-called rock rails are optional. These are bars under the side skirts that protect the body when put on.

For the first time there is the Bronco in addition to a two-door as well as a four-door. In both variants, the complete roof including side panels can be removed. The two-door gets a three-part hardtop, with the four-door a fabric variant is standard. The doors can also be removed and stowed in the luggage compartment. Speaking of doors: there are doors with a large opening that make the Bronco something like a McLaren Senna for off-road use. They serve for a better overview and all-round view in the terrain, but also improve the open-air feeling.

Interior: Share terrain trails online

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

According to Ford, all materials are robust and functional and suitable for tough off-road use.

The interior is just as robust and functional. Depending on the equipment, there is a rubberized floor with drains and vinyl seats so that the Bronco can be washed out. All main switches are also rubberized to protect them from dust and dirt. There are mounting points for smartphones, compass or other accessories distributed around the interior. An infotainment system with an eight-inch screen is standard. Optionally, a twelve-inch infotainment with off-road navigation is available. It allows over-the-air updates and has already saved numerous terrain trails. In addition, you can plan, save and share your own routes. A 360-degree camera with special views should make off-road driving particularly easy. For example, obstacles can be viewed from the side or under the car and thus avoided.

Market launch and price: It starts just under $ 30,000

The new Ford Bronco gets McLaren Senna doors!

The new Bronco strikes a fine balance between original and modern.

For the Bronco has seven trim levels available. They can be combined with four different packages, eleven colors and countless accessories. The basis should already be a capable off-road vehicle. If you need more, choose one of the higher equipment options called Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wild Track or Badlands. At the market launch, a First Edition limited to 3500 copies is available. At basic prices starting at $ 29,995 (equivalent to € 26,364) for the two-door and $ 34,695 (30,495) for the four-door, the Bronco will in future compete against Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler and Co. Reservations can now be made on for $ 100. Ford has not yet announced an exact date for the US market launch. It has also not yet been communicated whether Ford will also offer the Bronco in Europe. However, it is unlikely that he will actually come to us.


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