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The new furnishing trend is more comfort in living

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The ever-increasing popularity of modern interior design seems to have come to an end in 2020. Because people suddenly had to stay at home all of a sudden due to the corona pandemic, many have started to prefer cosiness to chic, modern interior design. “People now spend their days much more in their homes and want more comfort when living,” says Alessandra Wood, Vice President for Style at the interior design platform “Modsy”.

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Industrial style furniture, matt black details and stylish interior trends are not practical and no longer work for many people. Instead, they are being replaced with traditional and cozy furniture and details. “We believe that old trends are coming back, like the ceramic barn style, which was very popular in the 90s,” says Wood.

Several facts confirm Wood’s prediction. Since 2017, the number of search queries for industrial decoration has decreased by 22 percent, according to the furnishing website “Living Spaces”. Instead of clear edges or cold surfaces, you will see more cozy and comfortable furniture in 2021. “More furniture, smooth lines and traditional styles add comfort and a feeling of security in such unpredictable times,” says Wood.

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Why does it take a pandemic for people to realize that their home should be cozy?

It is surprising that it first took a global pandemic and the compulsion to stay at home so that people can focus more on cosiness and comfort. Because a modern interior is not particularly comfortable. Marble worktops, sharp-edged sofas and neutral colors are elegant, but certainly not cozy. Of course, such details can also be beautiful, but they usually bring coldness and an office atmosphere into your home, which clearly creates the wrong focus in a living environment.

Modern interior design also often looks impersonal. The reason is simple: Such a style is often used in hotels and offices, where it is deliberately intended to look more distant and neutral.

But your home shouldn’t feel anonymous. It should reflect characteristics of your personality, whether with photos, selected works of art or pillows. Your home should above all be a place of relaxation, where you feel comfortable and safe. Because if you can’t relax at home, where else should you let yourself go? Of course you can keep your modern furniture, but maybe you should complement it – with soft elements and decorations that also make your apartment a home.

This text was translated from English and edited by Siw Inken Forke. You can find the original here.


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