The new generation of the Fiat 500 is only available as an electric car

Variants: As a three-door, convertible or with an additional door

After 13 years of construction, there was a new generation of the Fiat 500. It is on a new platform and only drives electrically. In parallel to the E version, the “classic” 500 with hybrid drive will continue to be produced. The electric version is available in three body styles: the classic three-door version, which Fiat calls sedan, a convertible and the 3 + 1 with an additional door. This can be found on the passenger side and opens in the opposite direction, so that the entry for the back seat is significantly larger. The prices start at 26,790 euros, but the purchase premium for electric cars is still below that.

The prices at a glance

● Fiat 500e sedan: from 26,790 euros
● Fiat 500e 3 + 1: from 32,990
● Fiat 500e Cabrio: from 33,990 euros


Shell recharge

Shell recharge

E-car very easy. With the all-round carefree package.

Save now with the e-car subscription. For example with the Fiat 500 e-Icon for 259 euros instead of 309 euros, or with the Peugeot e-208 GT for 339 euros instead of 369 euros.

Look: No more Fiat logo on the front

The new one is clearly recognizable as 500, but of course there are new design features mixed in with the familiar retro elements. Take the headlights, for example. The well-known round lights that the first Fiat 500 already had are reinterpreted and equipped with a round light signature. The bonnet has also been redesigned and now looks wider. Because of the electric drive, there is no radiator grille, but it is taken up again in the sheet metal in a trapezoidal shape. Instead of a Fiat logo, there is a 500 lettering in the middle, flanked by two horizontal decorative strips. The new front apron also forms a trapezoid and thus takes up the design one floor below. It is closed with a new, fine-meshed honeycomb grille. In the side view you can see that the new 500 is designed more flat and the doors now blend in better visually. The door handles are embedded in the body. At the rear, the newly designed taillights and the more jagged design of the trunk lid and apron stand out.
Fiat 500e

The new one is still clearly recognizable as 500. Fresh design elements make it more modern.

The dimensions at a glance:

● Length: 3632 mm
● Width: 1683 mm (1900 mm with exterior mirrors)
● Height: 1527 mm
● Wheelbase: 2322 mm
● Luggage compartment volume: 185 to 550 l

Interior: new widescreen display and new ads

The new interior is much tidier. Starting with the “Icon” equipment, the dashboard is dominated by a significantly larger, attached widescreen display. The screen measures 10.25 inches, can be operated and split by touch, and the display of the apps can be configured quite freely. Underneath, the buttons – neatly lined up – frame a storage compartment. The air conditioning, seat and windshield heating are operated from the top row. Below is another innovation: the four buttons there are used to insert the speed steps. This was previously only available on the Abarth automatic version. The digital speedometer unit is already known and continues to be round. Of course, there are also new displays that show, for example, the remaining range or the battery charge level. The new steering wheel is flattened at the bottom, with more functions and more valuable buttons.
Fiat 500e
The interior of the third Fiat 500 generation looks much more elegant and tidier.

Equipment: Electric 500 now drives semi-autonomously

The new Fiat 500 has three driving modes. In the “Normal” program it should drive like a regular combustion engine, under “Range” there is a one-pedal mode in which the car is driven almost entirely on the accelerator. You only need the brake to bring the car to a complete standstill. The “Sherpa” mode ensures the greatest possible range. In addition, the car no longer drives faster than 80 km / h, the pressure on the accelerator pedal is passed on particularly gently to the engine and consumers such as the air conditioning and seat heating are switched off automatically – but can be reactivated manually. The Fiat 500 can drive semi-autonomously. To do this, it has a wide variety of assistance systems on board, such as adaptive cruise control, which brakes and accelerates independently. The system pays attention to other cars, pedestrians and cyclists. A lane departure warning system, speed assistant that recognizes signs, a blind spot assistant, a drowsiness warning system and a 360-degree camera system for better parking also find their way into the small car
Fiat 500e

In order to use as little energy as possible, there is a separate driving mode.

Three equipment lines for the small electric car

Fiat offers its smallest model in three variants. The base with the name “Action” is only available as a three-door model. Standard equipment includes: air conditioning, light sensor and traffic sign recognition. All body versions are available from the “Icon” equipment onwards. The 10.25-inch wide-screen display, rear parking beeper and 16-inch alloy wheels come as standard. The top equipment is called “La Prima”. Then the 500e has, among other things, full LED headlights, artificial leather covers for the seats and steering wheel, parking sensors all around and a reversing camera, a high-beam assistant and semi-autonomous driving ex works.

Connectivity: the climate can be controlled via an app

The Fiat 500 on the e-platform is the brand’s first model to feature the new infotainment system Uconnect 5 Is provided. This is based on Android Automotive, supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. It is operated via a 10.25-inch widescreen screen. Thanks to real-time data, the system can, for example, include traffic jams and the weather in the navigation and display nearby charging stations. In addition, a WLAN hotspot for up to eight devices can be set up and there is now one voice recognitionwhich is based on Amazon Alexa. Some functions and data can also be accessed remotely. The battery charge status can be queried, the vehicle can be located or the tire pressure can be checked using the app. You can also unlock and lock the car and turn on the lights and air conditioning.
Fiat 500e

Some functions can be accessed remotely – such as the battery charge level.

Driving: 500e is much more tightly tuned

AUTO BILD naturally has the on the first trip tried particularly energy-saving Sherpa mode. With it you should be able to drive the car as well as without the brake, the so-called one-pedal driving. You get used to the maximum delay when you take back the accelerator pedal very quickly. In Sherpa mode, which enables maximum range, only 77 hp and a top speed of a narrow 80 km / h are available. It quickly gets boring behind the wheel. When driving, the 500e is quite crisp, which is evident on the streets of Turin, which are rich in holes and bumps. Although it relies on a balance between comfort and stability, the new 500 is much tighter than its predecessor. In some cases the suspension is a bit noisy, and the uneven floors are passed on to the occupants. There are clear ones to compensate Stability gains and a plus in driving fun.

Engine: The basic model comes with a weaker engine

The Fiat 500e is available with two engines and batteries. The weaker 95 hp engine (70 kW) with 220 Nm torque is only available for the basic “Active” equipment, the same applies to the smaller battery. It has a capacity of 23.8 kWh and enables a range of up to 190 kilometers. The maximum speed here is 135 km / h. The two higher trim levels come with one 118 hp (87 kW) powerful electric motor with 220 Nm torque. It accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in a smooth nine seconds and finishes at 150 km / h. The range is up to 321 kilometers according to WLTP, the energy is stored in a 42 kWh battery.

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