The new LEGO bonsai tree is more decorative than your Super Mario sets

Update, 02/22/2021 – 8:00 p.m.: The popular LEGO bonsai tree is now not only available exclusively in the LEGO store, but also in general stores. It is currently sold out in the LEGO store, but you can now also get it on Amazon.

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Some of you may have found your old love for the popular plug-in building blocks with the new LEGO sets for Super Mario. Others may never have lost them. Either way, the new bonsai tree from LEGO is not only fun to assemble, but is also really decorative. Whereas you tend to tidy up the Super Mario stones when you visit. Okay, except maybe the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System. That looks pretty good on the shelf.

The new LEGO bonsai is part of LEGO’s new botanical collection and is exclusively available in the LEGO store. You can set up the tree with either green leaves or pink flowers if you have put together the set of 878 parts.

Bonsai art is now closely associated with Japan, but it has its origins in China. So goes the word bonsai (“Planting in the bowl”) also goes back to the Chinese term pénzāi. This is how it once became an aspect within the art form penjin called. According to the Chinese understanding penjin Wikipedia knows the art of representing harmony between natural elements, living nature and humans in miniaturized form.

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