The Office: All 185 episodes in the ranking – these are the funniest episodes

One of the best comedy series out there, The Office is available to watch in its entirety on Netflix. Here is a ranking of all episodes.

All episodes of the nine seasons of “The Office” have been available on Netflix for a few weeks. The US series produced between 2005 and 2013 (based on the British Ricky Gervais series “The Office”) starring Steve Carell, John Krasinski & Co. is one of the funniest comedy and mockumentary series on Netflix to watch. But who has the time to watch all the episodes? Another question that arises: How good are the individual episodes really?

A Mashable writer, as part of a mammoth project, went to the trouble of re-watching all episodes of the series and then rating each episode on four criteria, with a score from 1 to 10 points.

These are the funniest “The Office” episodes

The overall grade for each episode was then calculated from this using simple mathematics. The perfect “The Office” episode would have a maximum score of 40 points. The Mashable author has now published the result of the project here. According to this, the best episodes of “The Office” include:

  • 1st place with 37.25 points:

    The Night of Nights (Season 2, Episode 22) ( Here on Netflix )

  • 2nd place with 37.15 points:

    Who gets the Dundie? (Season 2, Episode 1) ( Here on Netflix )

  • 3rd place with 36.71 points:

    The Curse (Season 4, Episode 1) (here on Netflix)

  • 4th place with 36.68 points:

    Goodbye Michael! (Season 7, Episode 22) ( Here on Netflix )

  • 5th place with 36.64 points:

    The Garage Sale (Season 7, Episode 19) ( here on Netflix )

The ranking of all episodes can be found here in this Mashable article.

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