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“The other lamb”: cracks in the sectarian faith Movie

The other lamb is the English-language debut of the renowned Polish filmmaker Malgorzata Szumowska (Cialo, Mosquito), an eye-catching study by a sectarian community. A cult created by a man who puts himself above everything and everyone. His will is law, at night he decides who can receive his “grace” that night. As a result, the romantic charisma of Michiel Huisman gets something particularly sinister in this film. Just as the apparent harmony and sisterhood also have a dark side.

On the threshold of adulthood, Selah (Raffey Cassidy) sees everything with a piercing gaze, regularly plagued by bloody visions. The fact that the Shepherd also has her – his own daughter – in his sights to donate his “grace” reinforces the already oppressive undertones of this horror drama.

The story of the Australian screenwriter C.S. McMullen is rather sober: the motives of the characters remain underexposed, the tension build-up is minimal. Director Szumowkska, on the other hand, excels in creating atmosphere in this film, meanwhile looking gaudy on patriarchal chair legs.

Now available online on Picl and from May 13 On Demand at various providers.


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