The Outer Worlds is now also available on Steam

Since October 2019 The Outer Worlds available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs exclusively via the Epic Games Store. A version for Nintendo Switch followed in June, the first DLC called Peril on Gorgon is also available. As publisher Private Division has now announced, Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi adventure is finally coming to Steam for PCs. The date was announced on October 23, one year after the release in the Epic Games Store.

Awakened from cryo-sleep

The Outer Worlds is a single-player sci-fi first-person RPG in the style of Fallout and Skyrim. You take on the role of a stranded colonist who was on board a colony transport ship that has deviated from its proper course and is now on the edge of the galaxy. Decades later you wake up from your cryo-sleep and have to find your way in the completely strange and sometimes extremely hostile environment of the Halcyon colony.

In The Outer Worlds, similar to Fallout: New Vegas, there are numerous different factions that you can either join or be hostile to. Depending on how you decide, the course of the quests and the story of the game change.

The new flaw system adapts your character to your play style

The so-called flaw system is new to The Outer Worlds. Every player is better in some areas than others. The game remembers these strengths and weaknesses and gives you the opportunity to promote areas in which you are particularly good and to develop them even more in order to adapt your character as precisely as possible to your style of play. There are also a number of NPC characters in the game that you can choose to be friendly or hostile, so you can either use them for your purposes or turn them against yourself.

via Gematsu, images: The Outer Worlds, Private Division / Obsidian Entertainment


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