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The parenting issue: “My toddler has to get used to school again”

Also this morning Emma struggled to pull away from the school gates of her crying daughter, who does not understand why her mother is not allowed to come in: “Noor was in primary school for four months when the schools closed because of corona. At first she was clinging She was completely attached to me and was crying every morning at the farewell, and she was just a little used to when the school closed. Now I am no longer allowed to come in and every morning it is a drama with all those new rules. can I take away Norwegian fear? “

Keep it simple, is the motto of Dave Niks of The Family Psychologist: “Good preparation is half the battle here too. Probably this girl doesn’t really understand what is going on and what is expected of her.”


Explain very clearly how it is taking place now: that you bring her to the square, say goodbye there, walk her to her teacher who is in a box and then walk in with all the children. Be clear and honest. You cannot do more. Stick to the facts. Everything you are going to say extra will lead a life of its own in its perception. “

Although Emma thinks that Noor is especially scared, Niks wonders whether it is fear that makes it so difficult for the girl to say goodbye at school: “Children are not afraid by nature. Generally, parents create a culture of fear, they sometimes justify themselves. – concerns for the safety of their child, but often something is not so much scary, but at the most annoying or simply unknown.


Ask if there is fear and what your child is afraid of. If your child says she misses you when she is in school, say you miss her too, but are with her in her heart. And confirm her feeling that it will indeed take some getting used to going back to school. Please mention that you will be together again soon and will be extra happy to see each other. And increase the fun things: “It’s great that you can play with your friends on the climbing frame again!” Chances are she will be playing as soon as you turn around. “

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