The Peugeot e-Rifter Vanderer: everyday car and electric camper

Peugeot has introduced a new camper: the e-Rifter Vanderer. The model is based on the Peugeot Rifter L2. The special feature of the new Vanderer: during the week it can be used as an everyday vehicle, and at the weekend it can be turned into a camper with complex equipment in just a few simple steps.


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So two birds with one stone. The electric Rifter was created in collaboration between Peugeot and Vanderer, hence the “e-Rifter Vanderer”.

Equipment: The camping equipment is diverse

Visually, the e-camper has stayed with the e-Rifter L2. Apart, of course, from the pop-up roof and the optional awning that is attached to the passenger side. The heart of the e-Rifter Vanderer is of course the equipment – everything that makes it a camper.

Peugeot e Rifter

In everyday life, you don’t see that the e-Rifter has up to five beds.

Starting with the pull-out kitchen unit. You can cook here with gas or induction. Next to it sits a sink with running water; the tanks each hold 12 liters of fresh water and waste water). Equally practical and particularly important if you are looking forward to a chilled beer in the warm months: the 16-litre fridge and freezer combination between the front seats.


The kitchenette can be pulled out so that food preparation becomes outdoor cooking.

Up to five people can be accommodated in the e-Rifter Vanderer. In order to accommodate everyone, you have to convert the interior a bit for the night. So the kitchenette is lowered to create a wide sleeping area and the pop-up roof is folded up. There is space for two people.


If you lower the kitchen corner, a wide lying surface is created.

The front of the pop-up roof can be opened so that the view can also be enjoyed from the bed. And if you don’t want to go camping at the weekend, the furniture can be easily removed by two people with a few tools.

Technology: integrated 3D navigation

Particularly important when camping in an unfamiliar area? Exactly, a navigation system! The e-Rifter is of course also equipped with this. 3D navigation is shown on the eight-inch display, including voice control.

In addition, thanks to the “mirror screen” function, some apps can be played from the mobile phone display onto the infotainment screen. The electric camper also has Apple Carplay and Android Auto.


Camper car subscription

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To increase comfort on short vacations (or longer trips), the e-Rifter Vanderer comes with, among other things, a parking assistant, front and rear parking aids, a reversing camera with a 180-degree field of view, a keyless system for keyless opening and Closing the car and heated seats in the front seats.

Technical data: The range leaves room for improvement

The e-Rifter comes with a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 50 kWh. The Rifter thus achieves a range of 274 kilometers according to WLTP. Here – especially with a camper – there is definitely still room for improvement, because if you want to go from Hamburg to Venice, for example, you would have to charge at least four times.


The pop-up roof offers two people a place to sleep. It has a large viewing window.

However, the choice of power supply is very diverse. The camper can be charged at home using a Schuko plug, a reinforced socket, a wall box and a quick charging station. At the fast charging station, the e-Rifter can charge up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. (Those who are new to camping and are still looking for tips for a successful short holiday can get some advice here.)

Price: Nothing is known about the costs yet

Peugeot has not yet commented on the price of the Vanderer. The normal e-Rifter starts at 41,240 euros. Vanderer also offers a converted Peugeot Rifter L2 on its website, which costs at least 47,990 euros with a solar panel, pop-up roof and bed. With an electric drive, a flat rate of 8000 euros is added.

A base price of 60,000 to 65,000 euros should therefore be realistic for the e-Rifter Vanderer. It is also unclear when the electric camper can be ordered.

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