The Phone Hub for Chromebooks is particularly disappointing with a Google Pixel

For a whole year I worked with a Chromebook every day and then had to switch back to Windows because of various inadequacies. Since this change, however, a lot has happened in the Google system. Chrome OS has become more advanced and has many new features integrated. This includes, for example, the Phone Hub, which should seamlessly connect your Chromebook to Android smartphones. However, Google has left a lot of room for improvement.

I am currently using Your Phone, which comes from Microsoft and is responsible for the connection between Windows PC and Android smartphone. I have stressed several times that this tool must definitely be a role model and benchmark for Google’s own solution. But Google didn’t really want to stretch itself. The Phone Hub in Chrome OS is largely a disappointment, especially in connection with a smartphone from the Pixel series.

Microsoft is still making Google look old even though it affects Google products

I would have expected the Phone Hub to be able to do a lot in conjunction with a current Google Pixel. But no matter which manufacturer your smartphone comes from, the range of functions is always equally thin. I can see my recently opened tabs, let my phone ring, see incoming notifications and activate the hotspot. Much more is not possible. With regard to Your Phone, that’s a little too little for me.

The Microsoft app also offers live access to the phone’s picture gallery and I can take and make calls directly from my PC. It is even possible to use smartphone apps in conjunction with Samsung devices. These land on the Windows PC via stream. Especially because Chrome OS has been able to run Android apps for years, I would have liked a similar range of functions at least for Pixel smartphones.

In my opinion, Phone Hub is not only a few years too late, but also too thin. Something has to happen!

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