the plug-in hybrid crossover takes shape

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While the next Peugeot 308 is on the rails, DS will take advantage of its cousin to launch the new DS 4.

The PSA group is stepping up the pace and increasing the number of new products. Thus, in the wake of the next version of the Peugeot 308, the premium branch will relaunch the DS 4, forgotten since 2018.

To go faster and stay in the race, the next DS model will be based on the EMP2 platform of its Sochaux cousin. It should therefore carry the same engines, but with a more refined catalog. But the DS 4 will stand out above all for its e-Tense version with plug-in hybrid mechanics.

An electric range of 60 km?

Details of this proposal are not yet known, but the various electrical components will revolve around a 1.6-liter THP petrol unit. Like the current 508, the battery should be able to advertise an all-electric range of 50 to 60 km.

Like the previous generation, the DS 4 could be lost between the automotive genre. It could take the form of a high-rise compact sedan with a leaky roof. The Crossback badge has not been confirmed, but it could be associated with it to follow the lineup, currently consisting of the 3 Crossbacks and 7 Crossbacks. Its arrival on the market is expected in late 2021-early 2022.


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