The price of electric cars 58% more expensive in Europe than in China

A cheaper purchase, more than double the number of models, proportionally more and better adapted charging stations: would the Chinese be privileged in the electric car?

Less expensive electric cars but …

In a recent study, Jato Dynamics estimated at + 58% in Europe, and + 52% in the United States, the average price of electric vehicles compared to China. But beware, we are not talking about equivalent models! In this vast Asian country, EVs are mostly smaller in size, and most importantly, many of them would not meet the requirements of EU and North American standards.

On the other hand, on one car in particular, the difference is already much less clear. Take the Tesla Model 3 which is also made in China. Its price list started there, before the very recent drop, at 271,550 yuan (34,130 euros), the American manufacturer being the only foreigner to benefit for a little over a year from the exemption from the tax tax of 10%.

For comparison

How much would the entry-level model cost in France under the same conditions? It is currently displayed at just under 50,000 euros including tax. With an exemption from VAT (20% in France) as in China, the price would drop to 41,665 euros, from which it would also be necessary to subtract the famous customs tax of 10% on new cars from the United States.

The machine would thus appear in Tesla showrooms open in France at around 38,200 euros, and even around 35,000 euros by applying the purchase premium in force in China (currently declining policy).

It is therefore the various taxes that are also applicable to electric vehicles that weigh down their prices in Europe and in particular in France, by comparison with the Asian model.

138 EV models in China

Chinese motorists have 138 models of electric cars to choose from, according to Jato Dynamics, compared to 60 in Europe, and only 17 in the United States.

The decline in financial aid seems to have dampened the enthusiasm of these consumers somewhat. But the exemption from the registration tax, which weighs around 13,000 euros for a thermal model, should however keep the movement going. Even more than 60% of the 860,000 charging points are located in China.

Be that as it may, the presence on the territory of low-end models, sometimes very limited in terms of safety and comfort, necessarily promotes access to electric mobility among motorists very eager for new technologies, both in terms of nomadic digital devices than vehicles.

Conversely, Europeans are more cautious, even reluctant to change their habits. Jato Dynamics assures us that this attitude observed on the Old Continent will erase itself with cheaper electric cars. Those who are happening now …


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