The production of the Semi and Cybertruck depends on 4680 cells

Tesla will depend on the production of its next-generation 4680 cells to release the Semi and Cybertruck. Both models, with large battery packs, will thus avoid too high a cost. But for Elon Musk, it’s obvious that the new cell is the solution.

The Tesla Semi has been in development for many months, and the lights are green to produce it. But the Palo Alto firm has further postponed the launch of the electric heavyweight. It could go into production, but the CEO of the brand reveals that the lack of new cells is the cause of this new delay.

Indeed, if Tesla produced the Semi with the cells used on its other models, including the new Tesla Model S, its price would be too high. “It wouldn’t make sense for us to release the Semi now”, explains Musk. “But that will make total sense once we can sort out the constraint on cell production. “

Indeed, the 4680 will bring an immeasurable gain in capacity for Tesla vehicles. According to Musk, the Semi will have five times more cells than a normal Tesla like the Model 3. Like the Semi and the newer version of the Roadster, the Cybertruck could also be lagging behind. For the same reasons as the heavy truck, it could not reach mass production until 2022.


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