The Range Rover 5 will even be offered electrically from 2024

Few cars manage to be elegant and practical at the same time. A model who has understood this art like no other has been the for over 50 years Range Rover. Not only the British royal family relies on the luxurious SUV, James Bond has also saved the world with him in his films. Now Land Rover makes the fifth generation of the primeval rock. Is the new one also a full-fledged off-road vehicle with the interior qualities of a luxury sedan?

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Optics: The Range Rover is smooth

The entire vehicle is significantly smoother than before. The typical brand grill is reinterpreted and merges into a very reduced apron. The wheel dimensions grow on the side 23 inches to the As with the Velar, door handles disappear into the body.

Range Rover

The Range Rover (here the long version) is a real appearance with its sleek appearance.

At Land Rover, they are particularly proud of the transitions between the window and the body. No visible transitions can be seen here. The blackened pillars also make a difference in the new model. It almost seems as if the roof is floating free. One of the highlights of the new generation can be seen at the rear, because at first glance it seems as if the range could get by without any taillights. The lights only appear when they are in use and are otherwise just deep black surfaces.

Range Rover teaser

In the cockpit, the new one is clearer than its predecessor. In future, the display will be placed on the dashboard.

Interior: parallels to the Defender

The interior is luxurious as usual and leaves nothing to be desired. The buttons on the steering wheel come closer to that of the Defender. The choice of the landing gear mode is given an elegant rotary control. In addition to leather, there are also vegan alternatives and a mix of wool and recycled plastic. For the Entertainment is optionally provided by a 13.7-inch touchscreenwhich will be placed on the dashboard in the future.

Rear: The Range Rover can still do luxury

Even with the short wheelbase, the rear is more than spacious, and those who appreciate even more space for their legs can opt for the long version. In row two there are electric roller blinds for the windows, a tablet in the center armrest that controls the comfort functions. If desired, there are also screens on the front headrests.

Range Rover teaser

In the cockpit, the new one is clearer than its predecessor. In future, the display will be placed on the dashboard.

Depending on the seating configuration, the second row offers two or three seats. For the long wheelbase, Land Rover is also offering a third row of seats for the Range Rover for the first time. The occupants should not lack for anything, even in row three the off-road vehicle strives for high seating comfort, which should also be suitable for adults.

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Range Rover SV: More comfort is not possible with the SUV

No question about it: Even the basic Range Rover is far from being ordinary, but if that’s not enough for you, take it SV version. Here the British are pulling out all the stops again. At “Special Vehicle Operations”, the in-house high-end forge, the Range Rovers are handcrafted in a very special way. The new model bears a ceramic emblem and can also be recognized by many other ceramic details. Anyone who orders the long version of the Range Rover SV has the option of using the “Signature Suite”. Molded individual seats with 24-way adjustment options are available here. An electric table is also part of the equipment.

Range Rover

The taillights are only visible when they are switched on. Otherwise they appear as black areas.

Connectivity and features: new infotainment

The new Range Rover comes with one as standard 13.1 inch touchscreen and the Pivi Pro infotainment fitted. Optionally, the touchscreen can be up to 13.7 inches in size. With the help of a three-part menu structure, navigation in the system is to be made easier and operation more intuitive. Thanks to the Amazon Alexa connection, voice control is also smart. In the future, rear passengers will optionally benefit from 11.4-inch screens on the front seats. Thanks to speakers in the headrests, the new Range Rover also has a active noise canceling for the interior. This means that noises should only reach the interior in a reduced manner and thus increase comfort. Fans of picturesque sunsets will in future be able to enjoy the view of the new Range Rover from the trunk. The loading flap offers the option of being used as a seat. The tailgate is then equipped with speakers that can accompany the scenery with suitable music.


● Length: short wheelbase: 5052 mm / long wheelbase: 5252 mm
● Width with mirrors: 2209 mm
● Height: 1870 mm
● Short wheelbase: 2997 mm / long wheelbase: 3197 mm

● Luggage compartment short wheelbase: 725 liters / 1841 liters
● Long wheelbase trunk: 725 liters / 2601 liters

Off-road properties: Still a real off-road vehicle

In terms of cross-country mobility, no compromises have to be made on paper compared to the predecessor. 34.7 degrees approach angle at the front, 29 degrees at the rear, 90 cm fording depth, 29.5 cm ground clearance – the Range Rover remains true to itself and should continue to bring people with the right wallet everywhere.

Range Rover teaser

The new Range Rover will be available from dealers from 121,200 euros in spring 2022, and orders will start immediately.

All-wheel drive and technology: now with all-wheel steering

All Range Rovers have one All-wheel steering built in, which should ensure better maneuverability, especially in narrow urban areas. All-wheel drive is of course also part of the standard equipment and is already included in the base with a active rear differential fitted. With the help of software, the drive is matched to the road conditions and driving style, which should always result in optimal traction.

Motors and price: even electric in 2024

With the exception of the V8, all drive options are electrified as mild hybrids. It starts on the diesel side with 250, 300 and 350 hp, the petrol engines start at 400 hp. The top model remains a V8 with less power than before (530 hp). The plug-in hybrid drive will work with a six-cylinder in the future and will be offered in two power levels (440 and 510 hp), the electric range should be up to 100 km, at least on paper. Of course, all of this has its price. Under 121,200 euros The British don’t even open the order books in their wallet. Orders start immediately, delivery will start in spring 2022. Anyone who wants to be fully electric on the road will have to be patient until 2024. Then the off-road vehicle should be given an electric offshoot.

Motors at a glance:

Gasoline engine:
● Range Rover P400: straight six-cylinder mild hybrid; Power: 400 HP; Torque: 550 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic.
● Range Rover P530: V8; Power: 530 HP; Torque: 750 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic.
● Range Rover D250: straight six-cylinder mild hybrid; Power: 249 hp; Torque: 600 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic.
● Range Rover D300: straight six-cylinder mild hybrid; Power: 300 HP; Torque: 650 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic.
● Range Rover D350: straight six-cylinder mild hybrid; Power: 350 hp; Torque: 700 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic.

● Range Rover P440e: straight six cylinder + electric motor; System power: 440 PS; Torque: 620 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic; Electric range: up to 100 km.
● Range Rover P510e: straight six cylinder + electric motor; System power: 510 PS; Torque: 700 Nm; Transmission: eight-speed automatic; Electric range: up to 100 km.

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