The rare Hyundai Nexo is currently available for leasing

There are only a few hundred Hyundai Nexo in Germany. It is a chic hydrogen SUV with lots of space and a long range of 756 kilometers. But there are currently only 93 hydrogen filling stations in Germany. The Nexo is still appealing: Apart from its long range – which makes it strong competition for most electric cars – it gets off the ground with 120 kW (163 hp), an automatic transmission and a top speed of 179 km/h.

In addition, one kilogram of hydrogen currently costs around 9.50 euros gross. The Nexo’s tank holds 6.33 kg; a tank filling is therefore significantly cheaper than with combustion engines. In terms of price, the Nexo is in the upper segment at at least 77,290 euros, but thanks to a current leasing deal, a large part of this sum can be avoided.

Lease the Hyundai Nexo for EUR 390.74 per month

At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD), commercial customers can currently lease the Hyundai Nexo for EUR 390.74 net per month. Customers pay this rate with a contract period of 48 months and an annual free kilometer allowance of 10,000 km. But these conditions are not set in stone! A term of 36 months (EUR 423.78 net) or 24 months (EUR 487.04 net) is also possible. Frequent drivers can increase their annual free kilometers to 15,000 and 20,000.

Two years of hydrogen car driving for 12,663 euros

In addition, there is a one-time payment of the transfer costs of EUR 973.82 net (EUR 1158.85 gross). A deposit is not necessary. In the most favorable case, the total leasing costs are 12,662.78 euros net (24 times 487.04 euros plus 973.82 euros).

There is an already configured Hyundai Nexo with the following equipment highlights: premium package, ventilated seats, 360-degree camera, navigation system and Krell sound system.

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