The rise and fall of Martin Winterkorn – Podcast “Power & Millions”

Ex-VW boss Martin Winterkorn has to answer questions before the Bundestag’s investigative committee in January 2017. Germany, dpa, Sean Gallup / Getty Images

In the summer of 2015, Martin Winterkorn reached the height of power. He is head of the German car manufacturer VW, is considered the most influential car manager in the world, earns 17 million euros a year and meets the Chancellor regularly. After he even wins a power struggle with his foster father and VW board member, nobody seems to be able to stop him – until the diesel scandal catches up with him a few weeks later. The former “Manager of the Year” will soon be in the dock for commercial and gang fraud.

How could it possibly come this far? And what drives the man? The business insider journalists Hannah Schwär and Kayhan Özgenc tell the story in the latest podcast episode of “Macht und Mio. the story of the rise and fall of Martin Winterkorn, once the most powerful car manager in the world.


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About the podcast:

In “Power and Millions” Hannah Schwär (28) and Kayhan Özgenc (51) speak every two weeks about the most famous crimes, scandals and affairs in the German economy.

In each episode, the two journalists shed light on a case in which they did their own research and which they are now reopening based on conversations with those affected and original documents. They tell of dazzling millionaires and managers, but also of completely normal people who became perpetrators and victims – true business crime stories that just happened in Germany.

You can find the latest episode of Power and Millions on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere podcasts are available.


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