The roles are reversed: EU does not meet Brexit deadline and gets postponement from UK

And the EU will get that time too, says a spokesman for the British government. Albeit with some grumpiness.


The Brexit deal was not finalized until Christmas Eve, while it had to come into effect on January 1 to avoid the worst problems at the border. The main difference of living with deal is that import duties did not have to be introduced overnight.

Furthermore, agreements have been made on all kinds of fronts. Such as about fishing rights, rules that companies must adhere to, environmental standards, employee rights, data protection and a wide range of other topics.

But that deal has still not been officially approved by all parties. At Christmas it was agreed that the agreement could come into effect conditionally from 1 January, until 28 February at the latest. By then, the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, in which the EU countries are represented, should also give their consent.


But that failed miserably. The text of more than 1200 pages of jurisprudence has not yet been translated into all 24 EU languages, which is essential to give all representatives and country delegations the opportunity to properly assess the content, the EU believes. That is why it asked the British for a postponement earlier this month. Today that postponement has also been granted, until April 30.

“It is disappointing that the EU has not completed its internal processes by the agreed deadline in view of the uncertainty this creates for companies and individuals on both sides,” said a UK government spokesman. He also says that he expects the EU to stick to the timeline now.


The sneer of the British, who have already officially ratified the deal, comes after years in which they were regularly played the black pete because deadlines were exceeded. For example, the Brexit date was postponed three times, because the British parliament and the government were at odds with each other over the deal that was then in the making.


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