The Rolling Stones market their own chocolate

The Rolling Stones are serious about merchandising. Last year, the British opened their own store in the heart of London. And now the rockers are taking it one step further: they are marketing their own chocolate.

Good news for fans of The Rolling Stones who love to eat a piece of chocolate. Because the British rockers would soon be launching their own chocolate brand!

Two chocolate bars

According to British tabloid The Daily Star, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood are coming up with two types of chocolate bars. They would cost £ 5.95 (EUR 6.71). The first is a bar of milk chocolate. It would be called ‘Brown Sugar’.

In addition, according to the tabloid, a bar of Rolling Stones black chocolate will also be on the market. It will be named ‘Cherry Red’. That name is inspired by the song You Can’t Always Get What You Want. This contains the sentence: “my favorite flavor, cherry red“.

Online store

According to The Daily Star, the chocolate will be for sale from January 25 through the official webshop of The Rolling Stones. All kinds of clothing, accessories and music from the Stones are already for sale on it.

Rolling Stones series

Another good news for Rolling Stones fans came from television land about a month ago. Left Bank Pictures is working on a series about the early and glory years of The Rolling Stones. That’s the production company behind The Crown.

The rockers have given the production house permission to use their music for the series. It will count for at least two seasons. It is currently unclear when the series will be released. But Left Bank Pictures is developing the Stones series for FX (the former FOX). That’s part of Disney. So there is a chance that the series will soon appear on Disney + / Star.


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