The sad truth about McDonald’s and Burger King

Burger King and McDonalds are fighting for customers.

According to a nutrition report by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 91 percent of Germans value that their food is healthy. Whether they consistently implement this in everyday life, however, can be doubted. According to a survey by the Forsa Institute, every fourth German buys fast food or small snacks at least once a week. One in five goes out to eat at least once a week, according to the “Welt”.

Fast food chains have often tried to react to the new health awareness. For example, McDonald’s already offered an organic burger in 2015. But healthy alternatives never seem to make it into the menu of fast food chains in the long term.

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As researchers at the University of Boston have found, the quality of fast food products has deteriorated over the decades. To this end, the scientists examined how over a thousand products from ten American fast-food chains such as KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s have developed since the 1980s. Various products from 1986, 1991 and 2016 were analyzed according to portion size, number of calories and salinity.

Ever larger portions at McDonald’s and Co.

The nutritional researchers looked particularly closely at starters, side dishes and desserts. These have been sold in larger and larger portions over the years. The researchers suspect that this should provide an incentive to buy additional small products in addition to the main course. The increased portion size should make the price-performance ratio more attractive.

In addition, according to “Welt”, there is also the fact that the larger the portions, the greater the amount of calories. The products have up to 60 calories more than those of ten years ago. Over the decades, more and more salt came into the products of McDonald’s and Co.

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In addition, fast food restaurants now offer more than twice as many products compared to the 1980s. Around 23 new products come onto the market every year. Since then, healthier products such as salads have also been added, but according to the researchers, the majority of the new products are even healthier than dishes that have been on the market for decades.


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