The service is so bad compared to Telekom and O2

A few days ago we reported on the bad tricks at Vodafone. About how customers contract contracts and that many service employees take every opportunity to sell products. And if he has to forge the signature of a dead woman. There are plenty of complaints about customer service in the comments on the article. And, as a recent study shows, this is actually significantly worse than that of O2 and Telekom.

Poor customer service: Vodafone is losing customers massively

The online platform Volders, a provider that helps compare different contracts, received 22,560 terminations in the past 28 months on the grounds of “poor customer service”. Vodafone took the sad first place. The network operator lost more than 1,700 customers due to the poor customer service.

“Experience shows that satisfied customers remain loyal to the company if there are no further problems,” explains Mathias Rhode, Volders’ chief marketing officer. “However, the trust between the consumer and the company must first be built up and then adequately maintained. If this does not happen, a lack of customer service can quickly change into a reason for termination. “

So also with the second place in the list, which also comes from the mobile radio sector: O2. Here over 1,300 customers gave bad service as a reason for termination. Also in the top 10: Deutsche Telekom. However, in the past two and a half years, the Bonn-based group only received 656 terminations at the expense of poor customer service.

Does Vodafone Unitymedia move along?

It became clear in the middle of last year: Vodafone swallowed Unitymedia. Hannes Ametsreiter, head of Vodafone Germany, spoke of “an unprecedented increase in infrastructure” for Germany. But does that also apply to customer service? According to the survey, Unitymedia is currently in 6th place. Only 371 former customers cited poor service as the reason for the cancellation.

Former Unitymedia customers are now worrying to see the number of Vodafone. But you also have to say: Vodafone has significantly more customers in Germany than Unitymedia (around 7 million). Vodafone has over 52 million customers in the field of mobile communications alone. And thus more than O2 (45 million) and Telekom (47 million).


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