The Sims 4 gets ‘Sexual Attractions’ update

With the next base game update for the “Sims 4” the simulation will get the feature “sexual tendencies”.

Publisher Electronic Arts today announced a new feature for The Sims 4, Sexual Orientations. The feature will be available with the next base game update. This, along with the recently released Pronouns update, aims to further improve the in-game representation of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Currently only male and female represented

With the “Sexual Orientations” feature, players can assign a number of attraction parameters to their Sim. Here you can set, for example, whether the Sim feels romantically more attracted to women, to men, to both sexes or to neither sex. If a Sim then flirts with him in the game whose gender does not match his romantic preferences, he will be rejected. At the moment the gender identities are only male and female, more are to follow according to the developers. With the “My Sim is still trying out love” setting, players can also specify whether their Sim’s sexual orientation can still change during the game.

EA values ​​inclusion

“Inclusion has been a core value of The Sims for more than 22 years, and the diverse development team proudly presents this feature as a reflection of the world we live in and the ways we interact and experience each other. The Sims team believes that the issue of sexual orientation is important, complex, and intrinsic to how people experience the world and how communities are formed. With the support of the non-profit organizations It Gets Better and GLAAD, The Sims 4 has created a detailed and constructive option for players to experiment with their Sims’ different forms of sexual orientation.”

explains EA.

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