The slot for fast SSD storage will be activated soon

Storage space on consoles is often in short supply, especially with large game libraries. The PlayStation 5 therefore comes with the option of expansion. The console has a standard M.2 slot for SSD memory modules. The only problem: the slot is currently deactivated.

The firmware update, with which the function is to be made available, is likely to be just around the corner. As Bloomberg reports, it should be delivered in the summer. Not named persons report about this, but Sony has not yet wanted to comment officially.

In short supply of memory

Many gamers are likely to be eagerly awaiting the function for the fast memory. By default, the console comes with 667 GB of free memory. For comparison: The current Call of Duty needs 133 GB alone.

The only way to expand the memory of the PS5 at the moment is to connect an SSD or hard drive via USB. Only PS4 games can be installed on it.


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