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The Smartest Man comes with a second online pub quiz on Ascension Day

The smartest person is back with an online pub quiz. After the success of the first edition on Easter Monday, we can get our brains back on Ascension Day. Then there is another one The smartest person-pub quiz on Facebook.

The first edition received a lot of enthusiasm from the fanatic fans of the program. Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm, there were some technical problems with the answer form. Nevertheless, replies were sent en masse, if necessary by email.


For those who did not emerge as the Smartest Person during the first edition, there is now a possibility of revenge. At 8 p.m. on Ascension Day, presenter Philip Freriks guides the teams from his living room for the familiar question rounds of the quiz.

Smartest Group in the Netherlands

The idea is simple: form a team with your family, roommates or friends and sign up. If your team manages to get through the open door, puzzle, gallery and collective memory rounds, you have a chance to become the ‘Smartest Group in the Netherlands’.

Of course, the grumbling know-it-all Maarten van Rossum is also present. This time he will also be on screen, together with Philip Freriks. They also discuss the answers to the quiz together afterwards.


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