the spectacular increase in fuel efficiency with FFED

In 2020, FlexFuel Energy Development sold 60% of the E85 units installed in France on gasoline vehicles.

Specialized in optimizing engine performance and consumption, the company located in Écuelles (77) distributed 9,100 of the 15,000 units fitted by all manufacturers on the market last year.

This performance can be explained in part by a 32% expansion of its network between the two financial years. 2,342 centers are now authorized to install FlexFuel FFED systems, compared to 1,775 in 2019.

Among them, independent craftsmen. But also large specialized brands, such as Autobacs, Autodistribution, Autolia, Avia-Picoty, First Stop, IDLP, Norauto, Point S, Siligom, and Speedy.

Now, in France, one in four service stations offers E85. That is to say a little more than 2,300 establishments, against 1,740 a year ago.

In the middle of a year marked by protective measures against Covid-19, superethanol is one of the rare sources of mobile energy to have increased: + 4%, while gasoline has fallen by 14%.

FFED has opened its online platform RoulezPasCher which allows, from the registration, to find the FlexFuel box adapted to his car and to locate the nearest installer. It includes an application to quantify the savings achievable.

Year-round, for 20,000 km traveled with a car consuming 8 liters of fuel, the gain is around 1,000 euros, according to this tool.

Other advantages of Superethanol-E85 include a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 90% reduction in particulate matter, compared to using SP95.


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