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The 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, electric station wagon

A wagon version of the sedan launched in 2019, the Taycan Cross Turismo doubles Porsche’s electric supply.

It is also no surprise. For a few weeks, we knew the lines of the Taycan Cross Turismo, station wagon derived from the eponymous sedan. It is now official! Inspired by the Mission e Cross Turismo concept presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, this Taycan Cross Turismo takes up and extends the lines of the sedan.

Without communicating the dimensions of its model yet, Porsche announces a loading volume increased to 1,200 liters. The other changes are ground clearance increased by 3 cm, black wheel arches, and gray rocker panels. Everything else is the same, even inside.

The brand has also thought about cycling enthusiasts. The Taycan CT’s optional bike rack can accommodate 4 and does not prevent opening the trunk. At this stage, its price is not known.

4 models including a new one

Not waiting for ages to offer all its versions, the Taycan Cross Turismo partly takes over the sedan’s catalog. The Porsche Taycan station wagon is thus available in two entry-level versions 4 and 4S with respective powers of 476 and 571 horsepower. The first did not yet exist on the sedan, and draws from the configuration of the Audi e-tron GT quattro. More efficient, the Turbo and Turbo S develop 680 and 761 horsepower.

In terms of performance, the Cross Turismo runs 0-100 km / h with a tenth of a second behind the sedan and stays below the 3 seconds mark. Not bad for an electric station wagon!

Porsche has not yet specified whether the rear-wheel drive version will ever exist. This seems unlikely given the choice of battery and the all-round aspiration of this new version.

What price for the Taycan Cross Turismo?

If the engines are close to the sedan, the Porsche station wagon does not select than the large 93.4 kWh battery. The range is therefore between 388 and 456 km on the Taycan Cross Turismo range. In Combo CCS, recharging on fast terminals climbs up to 270 kW, again like the sedan.

The price of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo could start at around 100,000 euros in its version “4”. It will peak around 193,000 euros on the Turbo S. The first deliveries will take place this summer.


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