The Taycan, Porsche’s instrument of conquest in Norway

Distributed for some 20 years in the country, via the importer Autozentrum Sport AS, Porsche must now see Norway as other than a relatively small market.

Before the arrival of the Taycan, Porsche sold only about 100 of its thermal sports cars in Norway per year. But the electric sports car, already delivered to more than 1,000 copies, has changed the situation and allowed Porsche to double its sales in this market between January and October 2020, compared to the first 10 months of 2019.

For Thomas Røed, who picked up his copy from the Porsche Center in Oslo, it is the fifth car of the brand he has bought, convinced that the electric model will give him at least similar sensations. A wish he intends to check on mountain roads as soon as possible. Not as a racer on the track, but as a fan of motor tourism, according to his own definition.

This commercial phenomenon in the Scandinavian country, Porsche owes it to the dynamism of the government. ” Since 2017, the share of battery electric vehicles has more than doubled in Norway and now stands at almost 50% », Emphasizes Barbara Frenkel.

The European region vice president for the sports brand expects new sales records after 2020.

The launch of the Taycan Cross Turismo next year should help. This model was identified from the presentation of its concept as particularly suited to the Norwegian market.


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