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The tear-jerking Coca-Cola Christmas commercial by director Taika Waititi

If the world has longed for Christmas once, it will be in the insane year 2020. Peace on earth will not be brought, a heartwarming Coca-Cola Christmas commercial will. This year an extra special one, namely Taika Waititi, director of Star Wars series The Mandalorian, made the commercial.

You can think of Coca-Cola what you want, but you can leave a heartwarming Christmas commercial to the company. In fact, the soft drink giant even created the Santa you grew up with. He hardly appears in the commercial, but after an exciting adventure it is Santa Claus who laughs last.

Coca-Cola Christmas commercial by director Taika Waititi

Not a commercial full of Christmas lights and jingle bells, but a father who leaves just before Christmas for the drilling platform where he works. His daughter gives him a letter for Santa to deliver to the North Pole. During a lunch he finds out that he has forgotten to post the letter, after which he sets out on his own and has to endure all the elements.

The adventure looks away like an exciting scene Star Wars: The Force Awakens or The Mandalorian. Director Taika Waititi has brought excitement, action and emotion together in a tear-jerking commercial of 2 minutes, 30 seconds. For a long time you think that it is the first Christmas commercial of Coca-Cola without Santa Claus, especially when his house turns out to be closed. But in the closing seconds there is that iconic truck that can only be driven by one person.

Star Wars series The Mandalorian

Season 2 of The Mandalorian can be viewed on Dinsey + since this month. Where Taika Waititi was fully involved in the first season, the director has not made a single episode for the new season. Not because of Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertising, even though it was preceded by considerable production. In this article, he explains why he did put the Star Wars series aside.

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The tear-jerking Coca-Cola Christmas commercial by director Taika Waititi


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