The Tesla Model 3 adopts the iconic dress of New York taxis

True American automotive icons, the Yellow Cabs (or the New York yellow cab) now welcome the Tesla Model 3.

Yellow Cabs are one of the symbols of the American automobile, along with police cars in a few states. These taxis have largely been made popular thanks to their appearances in numerous films, or even with a leading role in the film Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese.

Among these showcases of the local automobile industry, the Checker Marathon and Ford Crown Victoria with large combustion engines are the undisputed queens. But times are changing in the streets of New York and it is now the turn of the Tesla Model 3 to join the fleet of more than 13,500 yellow taxis.

The new showcase of an electrifying American auto industry

To get there, the Californian sedan had to pass in front of the New-York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, which oversees the New York taxi fleet, and meet the selection criteria including an interior spacious enough to install a partition between the driver and passengers, easy-to-clean seats and dedicated air conditioning for rear passengers.

The Tesla Model 3 could quickly become part of the American megalopolis landscape with the arrival of several copies. In particular because of its generous autonomy and the savings it represents for operators, as evidenced by Jérémy, taxi in Le Havre.

New York electric taxis, a century-old story

Remember that while the Tesla Model 3 should popularize electric mobility in the Yellow Cab, it is not the first of its kind to wear a yellow dress. Nissan made a name for itself in 2013 with a fleet of Leaf, which however did not meet with success due to its range.

But it was the Electric Vehicle Company that started the movement in 1897 (no typo), with an exclusively electric fleet. For the record, Jacob German, one of the company’s drivers, was the first speeding driver in American history. And therefore signed the first offense of this type by an electric car.


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