“The Tesla Model 3 is amazing – you shouldn’t buy one”

TeslaHardly any other car currently has as many fans as Tesla’s Model 3. The Californian company is trying to meet the hundreds of thousands of pre-orders and promises to keep increasing the numbers.

We have already written about the equipment, also about the purchase price and the numerous records that the electric vehicle has already set. Journalist Raymond Wong from the US website “Mashable” tells you why you shouldn’t buy a Tesla Model 3.

The iPhone moment for Tesla

Wong explains: The Model 3 is a consistent further development of the two predecessors Model S and Model X. The trunk is spacious, the acceleration is good, it is quiet and the interior is modern but simple. But there is a problem: Many people no longer concentrate on the equipment, but completely succumb to the Tesla hype.

Every day people see information about the Tesla Model 3 on Twitter, Facebook and in the media (we do not exclude ourselves here) and do not consider that a car is a big investment. This is not about a smartphone that is still in the three-digit range, but about a car that is very stylish and modern, but is in a different class than an iPhone. According to Wong, people should calm down, because the comments about Elon Musk and Tesla are almost religious.

Buying a car is a really big deal for most people. For one thing, it’s an investment, and while the $ 35,000 price tag is still acceptable, most fans have to save a long time to get the change they need.

On the other hand, this price is the basic equipment. A larger battery or additional extras naturally also cost money. In addition, the price is the net amount, so taxes are added. Whoever is considering a purchase should also consider these costs.

Very few buyers choose the basic version

Very few people buy the Model 3 as the basic version, Wong is convinced. The Autoblogger enumerates why it makes sense to spend more money on things like a bigger battery, heated seats, good speakers, and an autopilot. Very few buyers will really do without any extra, which means that you will have to pay some extra costs.

Anyone who has tried to drive longer distances in winter knows how important heated seats can be. Buying a Model 3 without an autopilot also makes little sense, says Wong. All of these extras can easily add up to an additional $ 10,000, so the price including taxes can be a good $ 50,000. If you prefer a more spacious model, the price starts at 44,000 US dollars – without any extras. If you want the greatest luxury that you can experience with a Tesla Model 3, you should be prepared to pay $ 58,000, which would mean that we would no longer be in the affordable small car category.



Easily ordered online, but no test drive possible

Who buys a car these days without having taken it for a test drive? Especially when all the savings flow into the Model 3, you should think twice about making the investment without a test drive.

The comparison to the iPhone lags, because it makes a big difference whether you hold a device in your hand or sit in one for hours, probably even for the next few years.

Charging could also be a thorn in the side of many people. With a diesel or gasoline engine, you are largely flexible because you can find a gas station in almost every village. With a Model 3 you should plan your routes very carefully and always have a little buffer. The range of more than 500 kilometers is calculated for the ideal situation. If you like to listen to loud music in the car, charge your smartphone and also want to have a warm back, you should bear in mind that this puts more stress on the battery.

Public places with charging stations are rare, even in large cities, which is why you should rely on your own car socket. This usually costs around $ 500, which must also be added to the purchase price.

In the USA there are 909 stations with 6,118 charging options, in Germany it doesn’t look that good. The charging times have to be planned extra, because even if a full charge only takes 30 minutes, a normal car will fill up in three minutes and can continue the journey.

Tesla Model 3 side view
Tesla Model 3 side view
You You Xue @ youyouxue / Reddit

Modern, but not a child of its time

Why should you buy a car these days? Wong’s question is justified, because driving a car hardly makes sense in big cities. The trend is also towards rental cars and driving services such as Uber.

Carpooling agencies for longer distances are usually very cheap, much like long-distance buses. Underground trains and trams in the cities are also well networked and the search for a parking space is also very fruitful. So the question everyone should be asking is: do I really need a car?

Even if the features of the Model 3 look impressive on paper, you should exercise caution, recommends Wong. As an “early adopter”, i.e. buyer at or shortly after the start of sales, you are always part of the test group. In principle, the vehicle is being tested again for the mass market before new generations of the Model 3 eliminate the teething problems.

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The old Model X versions as SUVs had problems with the seats and the interior. These were fixed quickly, but the example shows that problems can arise even at a highly acclaimed company like Tesla.

With all these points, we shouldn’t forget what the Model 3 is: It’s the first really mass-produced electric car that people want. Not just because of the hype, but also because Tesla can come up with some really convincing arguments.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether these are ultimately so convincing to buy a new car. Raymond Wong decided against it for a variety of reasons, even if, as a tech editor, he should be exactly the right target group.

This article was published by in January 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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