The Tesla Model Y receives discreet evolutions

To conform to Model Y, the Tesla Model 3 has received recent tweaks. Now it’s Model Y’s turn to update it by incorporating some of the sedan’s features.

The Tesla Model Y is all about a Model 3, only taller and bigger. But it is also better equipped with the presence of equipment that the electric sedan did not benefit from. While the latter has caught up in this area, it is the turn of the Model Y to make an update by borrowing some new features that have appeared on the Model 3. You follow?

To complete the loop, Tesla has therefore made some missing touch-ups that appeared on the 2021 Model 3 vintage. This is what Chad Smavatkul explains on Facebook, who recently took delivery of his new electric SUV. The latter is thus equipped with double glazing at the front or silver buttons on the steering wheel.

This Model Y is also equipped with a USB port in the glove box and delivered with a dedicated USB key: this new device allows owners to save on removable media the images captured by the TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. However, this copy does not receive the new center console, but it should soon make its appearance.

Tesla could not have been more discreet about these developments aboard the Model Y. They should therefore now extend to all production, including the next European copies to be manufactured at the Berlin plant.


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