The United Kingdom is the first country in the world to approve the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine

The United Kingdom (UK) was the first country in the world to approve the corona vaccine from Oxford and AstraZeneca on Wednesday. The country wants to start administering the vaccine on Monday.

In the UK, a variant of the coronavirus is ugly. Partly because of that variant, the number of infections in the country shoots up like a rocket. The counter came to a record of 53,135 registered infections on Tuesday, or an increase of 28 percent in just one day.

100 million doses

To cope with the virus, the UK is the first country in the world to approve the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine. The UK government has already ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine.

The speed with which the UK approves the vaccines is striking. For example, the country has previously been the first in the world to approve the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech. Result: even before the United States or one of the EU Member States had started administering the vaccine, more than 100,000 Britons had already been vaccinated.

It is not yet clear how effective the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine is. Data released last month shows that the vaccine is 90 percent effective when a half dose is administered in a first phase followed by a full dose in a second phase. The effectiveness rate drops to 62 percent when two full doses are given.

The approval is there for the full first dose and then another full dose a month later. According to an employee of the British medicine authority MHRA, the effectiveness of the vaccine increases when there are three months between the two injections.

Store in a refrigerator

According to Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, hundreds of thousands of Britons will be vaccinated from next week. “I am convinced that thanks to this approval we will be able to vaccinate enough vulnerable people against spring.”

Unlike Pfizer’s vaccine, the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine should not be stored at -70 degrees. It is enough to keep it in a refrigerator.


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