The unlocking takes place in eleven days: These rules apply from May 19

It is slowly becoming clear which rules will apply to the broad opening steps on May 19th. Registration will be mandatory in many areas.

Now that Vienna has swung into line with the federal government, it is fixed: nationwide there will be broad easing steps on May 19. The only exception is the Vorarlberg model region, where less stringent regulations have been in place for a long time.

The Ministry of Health recently published in key words what the rules that apply from the week after next will look like in restaurants, hotels, sports and cultural establishments. The final regulation is not expected to be available until next Monday. At least that is what the City of Vienna is assuming.

On Friday, there was temporary confusion as to whether a registration requirement for restaurants and leisure businesses would come. As things stand, this is actually the case. It will therefore also apply to bathrooms, which can now also unlock. That means: visitors to such institutions will have to enter their name and email address.

APA – Austria Press Agency

Soon the children will be able to gargle more intensely

APA – Austria Press Agency

Scenes that should be possible again in amateur sports.

APA – Austria Press Agency

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