The US is apparently playing with nuclear test ideas

The United States have according to a media report as a potential warning Russia and China considered a nuclear test for the first time since 1992. The government by US President Donald Trump discussed this at a meeting on May 15th, the quoted Washington Post a senior government official and two former US officials on Friday.

According to the report, the conversation was initially without results. According to the research by the renowned newspaper, the quoted sources disagreed whether the talks were still ongoing – the risk of a nuclear test had not yet been removed.

Previously, according to media reports, some U.S. officials claimed Russia and China carry out their own nuclear tests. Moscow and Beijing rejected that. The United States provided no evidence to support the claim.

“Negotiating tactics”

A senior government official said the renowned Washington PostClarifying Washington ‘s ability for a “quick test” could be a negotiating tactic in the efforts of United States to have a nuclear deal with Russia and China serve.

A US nuclear test would mean a dramatic departure from previous US defense policies and would alert other nuclear powers. Accordingly, convicted disarmament activists immediately alerted the possible plans for a US nuclear test. “This would be the starting signal for an unprecedented nuclear arms race,” said the head of the non-governmental organization Arms Control Association, Daryl Kimball. Such a test should also allow the nuclear negotiations with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un bring to a standstill.

The report came a day after the announcement Trumpsto want to get out of the military control contract “Open Skies”. It would be the third exit of the United States from a weapons control contract since Trumps Taking office in 2017.


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