The US is losing a quarter of a million people to Covid-19

A vigil for corona deaths in Manhattan, New York, in October 2020.

A vigil for corona deaths in Manhattan, New York, in October 2020.

Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images

On Wednesday, Johns Hopkins University recorded over 250,000 corona deaths in the United States. The Corona task force in the White House does not see any improvement in the near future. Experts, quoted by the “New York Times”, assume that the infection will spread even more aggressively in the coming weeks. Accordingly, the number of corona deaths will soon reach 2,000 a day. That is likely to mean that 100,000 to 200,000 Americans could die in the coming months.

Admiral Brett Giroir from the Corona task force in the White House speaks in an interview with the TV channel MSNBC about a steep increase in the infection rate. The number of hospital admissions, but also deaths, is increasing by 25 percent every week. “We are at a critical and very dangerous point,” says Giroir. “This is not about painting the devil on the wall – it’s the biggest growth in infection numbers we’ve seen in the US,” he said.

The USA has the most corona infected people worldwide with 11.5 million cases. The data from Johns Hopkins University shows that only four states have managed to flatten the infection curve since January. In all other US states, the infection has spread continuously since the outbreak of the pandemic.

World Health Organization (WHO) data suggests that daily deaths worldwide could soon reach 10,000. After the United States, most people in Brazil and India died as a result of Covid-19 infection.

In Germany, the Robert Koch Institute recorded 13,119 deaths on Thursday.


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