The Usenet: Your ad-free alternative to the Internet

Who doesn’t know it: Countless cookies, oversized banners and endless tracking on various websites! On the other hand, there is hardly any free exchange of opinions and data. Does that annoy you?! We have the solution: USENEXT.

Similar to how Internet providers make access to the Internet available


easy access to Usenet. Your alternative completely without cookies, banners and advertising.

Test USENEXT for 14 days free of charge and try it out.

Usenet simply explained

Usenet is an independent, global network – comparable to the Internet. Usenet is divided into forums called newsgroups. There are over 200,000 different ones for guaranteed censorship-free and varied exchange of news, opinions and data. So everyone who has something to say has their say here. There are currently over 30,000 terabytes of data to be found – and it’s constantly growing. To access Usenet, all you need is an access provider such as USENEXT , Europe’s No. 1 Usenet provider based in Germany.

How it works with USENEXT

USENEXT can refer to strong arguments and facts in its service. First of all, the provider ensures high-quality and reliable Usenet access. Both the complete user interface and the content on Usenet are free of any annoying advertising and superfluous tracking. In times of countless pop-ups, cookies, emails and direct mail, this is a real blessing. For you, this also means that you can get to the content you want quickly and easily.

Your advantages at a glance

We have summarized the highlights of your Usenet access with USENEXT for you:

  • Secure

    without spies


    What you do online is nobody’s business. With USENEXT you say good-bye to tracking because the service does not store any log data. With 256-bit SSL encryption you can feel absolutely safe.

  • Always up to date:

    USENEXT offers you access to Usenet with over 200,000 forums for exchanging real expert knowledge, exciting facts and many other interesting topics.

  • Always an open ear:

    If you want to get rid of something or need help, you can call the multilingual support team, but you can also reach them online in Facebook Messenger or via the contact form.

  • The best:

    Trust USENEXT – Europe’s No. 1 Usenet provider with more than 20 years of experience in the market and test it for 14 days free of charge.

Top offer

Test your access to Usenet with the European market leader USENEXT now for 14 days without obligation and free of charge. After the initial term has expired, your contract will be extended in USENEXT Rockie+ for €95.40 per year including 30GB of high-speed data volume.

By the way: You can cancel your test account at any time if USENEXT does not convince you with all its advantages. But it will! This allows you to remain as flexible as you want. PC-WELT and USENEXT wish you lots of fun!

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