The Volkswagen ID.3 improves its level of interior quality!

Volkswagen ID.3 2020

In order to correct its youthful flaws, the Volkswagen ID.3 should soon be updated with better quality materials.

As soon as it arrived on the market, the Volkswagen ID.3 suffered a lot of criticism regarding its software endowment and some of its interior materials. If the software part has since been retouched by the teams of the German manufacturer, the interior has remained similar.

This is what the German economic newspaper indicates Handelsblatt, obviously informed by internal sources. According to our colleagues, the cheap plastics of the Volkswagen ID.3 should disappear in favor of more qualitative elements.

The current interior of the Volkswagen ID.3

Towards an increase in the prices of the ID.3?

To better launch the Volkswagen ID.3 on the market, the manufacturer had to make compromises in order to reduce costs, and therefore the final selling price. However, many customers have reportedly given negative feedback on this, as one of the sources almost admitted to. Handelsblatt : “We learn from these mistakes, and we get better and better”.

To date, no official information has been released by the brand on this interior cosmetic update. But according to German economists, these improvements would mechanically increase the selling price of the Volkswagen ID.3.


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