The Volkswagen ID.3 invests in the WeShare car-sharing fleet

Volkswagen had promised it earlier this year and stuck to its expectations by adding its compact electric ID.3 to its WeShare car-sharing fleet in Germany. The automotive giant announced in January that its first model of the new ID electric range would arrive in its fleet before the end of 2020.

60 VW ID.3 in the service colors created by the brand will be rolled out this week to begin the replacement phase for the old e-Golfs, which have been used so far. Over the next few months, a total of 1,500 electric Golfs operated by WeShare will be replaced by new ID.3s.

Volkswagen’s policy is to offer an electric car with better range than the e-Golf, which the ID.3 and its 62 kWh battery will allow, which advertises more than 400 km on a single charge. The service is currently available in and around Berlin, and is expected to expand to other German communities quickly.

In contrast, the initial ID.3 announcement in January was accompanied by a plan to roll out WeShare in France for 2020, but the crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed those plans. The service is still to be rolled out across Europe, but Volkswagen is waiting to resolve bigger issues before launching its service across the Old Continent.


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