The Weeknd performs live at the Super Bowl in full

The Weeknd’s halftime performance of the Super Bowl will be entirely live. There were some doubts about this in recent weeks. The idea was in fact on the table to record certain parts of the show in advance. That was to be able to comply with the applicable corona measures. But that plan can therefore be thrown away.

The Super Bowl is by far the most important sporting event in the United States. It is the final of the NFL, the American Football League. This weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas Chiefs will compete for the coveted title.

The Weeknd

But the Super Bowl is much more than ‘just the final of the NFL’. It has become a gigantic event, with a performance by a world-famous artist during half-time. This weekend, none other than The Weeknd will be on stage. And his performance will be completely live.

There has been some doubt about that in recent weeks. Because of the corona crisis, the plan had been put forward to record certain parts in advance. But apparently that’s not necessary. Jesse Collins, the producer of the show, told this during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Real live show”

“It’s all happening in that stadium at that moment,” Collins clarified. “We are not going to move to another stadium and then return, as others have already done. We are lucky that we can put on a real live show in these circumstances. ”

“It has to be about pure entertainment,” said Collins. “We have to get away from gigantic sets and all fantasies, flying and all that. And we have to go back to the core that makes an artist special. ”

What exactly can we expect from the performance? “I think there is a lot going to happen during the performance that people will not expect”, it sounds. “It’s just going to be fun. It’s perfect.”


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