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The whole of Holland puzzles: stocks are running out

The whole country is puzzling, it seems. In fact, so many adult jigsaw puzzles have been sold this year that supplies are running out. That reports game producer Ravensburger. “It is all hands on deck,” said a spokesman.

Koninklijke Jumbo also says that the company regularly has to sell no to shops. Many people have to enjoy themselves at home because of the corona pandemic, so puzzling is a fun activity.

“We have sold twice as many puzzles as normal so far this year,” said Ravensburger. “And the real puzzle season has yet to begin.” Normally more jigsaw puzzles are sold in the months of November, December and January than usual.

“Huge sales”

According to the spokesperson, most stores still have a stock, but if more is sold than usual in the coming weeks, that stock can quickly run out. “We are currently busy delivering the standing orders. We will not be able to make any additional orders. ”

A spokesman for Koninklijke Jumbo also says that puzzle shortages may arise. “We have already scaled up production considerably this year. Still, we already sold Christmas themed puzzles in April, because things were going so fast. At the moment we can regularly deliver fewer puzzles than a store requests. ”

Home web shop Smart Puzzles in Eindhoven also sees a “huge sale of puzzles”, says owner Willemien Sytsma. When the lockdown started, it exploded. In April we increased sixfold in terms of sales. ” Notable: jigsaw puzzles with 100 to 500 large pieces for adults were popular. “Large pieces are useful for people who lose sight or who don’t want their hands so well anymore. Nursing homes were locked at the time, so a lot was sent to grandfather and grandmother, ”says Systma. Now, according to her, puzzles with a thousand pieces or more are a hype.

20 percent increase

Sellers are even being warned by suppliers that delivery problems may be on the way. This is also the case with Kim Hoetjes from WirWar games and puzzles in Groningen. “I bought a lot of stock. I hope I have enough. ” Hoetjes has already seen an increase in the sale of puzzles in recent years. “About 1 to 2 percent more per year, this year it is 20 percent more.”

Ravensburger produces puzzles in Germany and the Czech Republic and sells them to shops all over the world. “We notice that puzzles are in the spotlight everywhere. Worldwide our sales have more than doubled compared to a year ago. ” Like Sytsma, he is dedicating the game’s popularity to the corona crisis. “I think it’s because people spend a lot more time indoors: puzzling is of course really an indoor activity.” The spokesperson for Koninklijke Jumbo is also looking for the explanation in the pandemic: “I also notice it in my own environment: all kinds of friends put pictures of puzzles on Instagram. Puzzling is hip. ”

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All of Holland puzzles: stocks are running out


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