The winner of the RTL Z Beursspel has been announced!

Theo Clemens managed to turn his €100,000 play money into €334,000. For four weeks he managed to hold on to the lead with a unique strategy. Incredibly handsome! Clemens: ‘I played on the peaks of Volkswagen. First I lowered the price, lower, lower. The moment I saw that the price shot up, I bought again.’ The winner wins a day of life as a millionaire.

Investment expert Jim Tehupuring looks back at how the winner played the game and what the investment conditions were like during this autumn edition of the RTL Z Beursspel.

Want to learn to invest better? Create your portfolio here and practice before going public.

The RTL Z Beursspel is finished. In the fall we will be back with a new edition. Keep an eye on the website for the exact start date.

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