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Theft at Rewe, Aldi & Co .: What is stolen most often

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Last year shoplifting caused damage of 3.75 billion euros in retail. This is the result of a new study by the research institute EHI for retail that has received.

In 2019, a total of around 300,000 simple shoplifting were reported. The number has more than halved in the past few decades. In 1997 there were around 670,000 cases. On the other hand, serious shoplifting has increased significantly: from 7,389 in 1997 to 22,234 reported cases last year.

Serious shoplifting is characterized by a high level of criminal energy, as it is more expensive and additionally secured goods that are stolen here. Drug and alcohol consumption and organized gangs often play a role.

It is estimated that 98 percent of all shoplifting go undetected

However, a high number of unreported cases is to be assumed with these statistics, since of course not every theft is discovered and reported. According to the study, it is therefore rather doubtful whether the figures reflect the actual development.

It is estimated that 98 percent of all shoplifting go undetected. They are not only committed by unauthorized perpetrators or professional thieves, but also by employees, suppliers or service staff.

The EHI study also lists “theft hits”, ie which products are most often stolen according to the police reports. However, this is trickier to answer than it sounds, as this of course depends heavily on the respective industry and its range. Nevertheless, we give you an overview of which items were particularly popular with thieves across all stores, from discounters such as Aldi and Lidl to drugstores and electronics stores.

Theft statistics: These are the most common items to be stolen



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